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Family Tree Research
    I offer a huge range of family tree research services. I can trace your family tree as far back as possible or focus on one or more individuals to discover more about their lives at an in-depth level. Perhaps you wish to know a little about your family's past or maybe you've done some research but have come across a brick wall that you require breaking down?

I'm here to help with any query, no matter how big or small. At the end of this service, you will receive a detailed report explaining what I have discovered and from what sources, as well as noting what resources were investigated that had no relevant information to save you viewing the same record in the future.

House History
    Are you interested in learning about the history of your house? I can provide a report detailing the available records which may include who lived in your house previously and their details, such as their occupations, any births or deaths that occurred whilst residing in the property or any other notable events, such as historic crimes. Other records that may be provided include maps showing the property's changing surroundings, census returns, photographs and title deeds.

    I can help train people on the basics of how to trace their family tree, should they wish to do so themslves. This can be on an individual basis or for small classes.

Corporate Research
    If you own a business that was established over 75 years ago, I can help you to discover more about it's history and who helped to set it up. Finding out about the history of your business can be a great marketing tool, as well as being of a great general interest.

    Have you got a document that you can't read? Perhaps you have a letter, postcard or will in your possession that you would like transcribing? If so, I am here to help.

Document and Photography Scanning
    I offer a scanning service for your ancestry documents and photographs. The scans can be sent to you via e-mail or on CD or USB.

    I am available to work with schools and museums on short genealogy projects offering tuition, guidance and ideas. These are all done bespoke to your needs so get in touch to see what I can offer.
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